‘Transformation – from concept to completion’

Mike Murry Homes believe that renovating your property may be the very best decision you could every make, but it may also be one of the most difficult: whether to renovate or to start again. 

This stunning home was transformed from a shed to a large home that was designed together with the client and Mike. Open living areas with large picture windows were used to take in the magnificence of the location.  Breath taking views over Bustard Bay, 1770 and the Estrays was the decision to renovate to opposing to starting from scratch. 

The colour scheme of this home is kept quiet and subdued.  The high ceilings were determined from the original shed height which has given the captivating sense of space.  Nitches were custom built into the walls for the clients framed wall hangings.   

Mike Mury Homes walk beside you the entire stage, making the experience a satisfying one.